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iPage Reviews – 4 Real customer Reviews and our Verdict!

First of all, do NOT believe whatever you read online.

I see hundreds of fake reviews being posted online and it literally drives me crazy and I really want you to go through this whole review before you make any purchasing decision.


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Is iPage right for you?

Before you buy any hosting, you need to make sure it meets all your needs.

If you’re just starting out with a website and you aren’t planning to make $1000′s anytime soon and drive over a hundred thousand people to it every month, then iPage would be the ideal budget hosting for you.

But if you already have a website that is generating a ton of traffic and is making money, I’d suggest you to go with WpEngine.

iPAge is the best when it comes to budget hosting but you can only get so much for $1.95/mo.


If you belong to the former category then here is how you should go about building up your website:

1. Signup for iPage for $1.95 using this discount link.

2. Using the link above, you’ll get a free domain name with the hosting account so do not buy your domain name from Godaddy or any other third party registrar.

3.  Use their free website builder to get your website built. (This single feature saved me over $500 in developer fee).

And you can have your site up in 30 minutes from now.

Here’s My Results for Every Feature that they Advertise

In this section, I’ll walk you through about my experience with every single feature offered by iPage.

Website Builder

When I first started out with iPage,it was because I wanted to start a business website for a local business that my uncle was running and for that I used the Weebly Drag and Drop Website builder and that was the one of the easiest way to get it done. This comes free with the hosting account.

It took me 1 hour to get the design done and I charged my uncle $700 for the final website and he was happy to pay for the design that he had got.

Later, he wanted to add a blog to the website and for that I used SimpleScripts to Install WordPress and the blog was live in 15 minutes. This is also one of the free services that come with iPage.

With SimpleScripts, you can even install scripts like opencart which help you to create your own E-Commerce Site  within 20-30 minutes.

Honestly, I think for the amount of money they charge us, iPage has pretty much nailed it with their website building options.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

In this matter almost all hosting companies lie.

They do advertise unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth but it does not work that way.

Here is how it works:

With shared hosting options you can host as many websites as you want but not if they are generating over 100,000 visitors per month.

I have a network of 10 tech blogs that generate over 80,000 unique visitors/month and they are working just fine and the amount of money I’m making on a $1.95/mo hosting account is astounding.

If you are generating more than 100,000 unique visitors/mo, I would suggest you to either upgrade to a VPS Hosting Plan or move to WpEngine.

Email Solutions

This service is offered by all hosting companies but nobody include it for as low as $1.95.

Nothing much to test here. I get my mail forwarded on time and that’s pretty much all I care about.

Online Marketing

You have to read this.

I paid around $80 for a two year hosting plan that covers everything we have discussed above and I got $100 in Advertising credit for Google Adwords,$50 in Advertising credit for Facebook and $25 in Advertising credit for Bing/Yahoo.

And that’s $175 in free advertising credit.

I was able to drive over 10,000 unique visitors to my online store and generate just over $2000 in profits!

Customer Support 

If you do face some problems, I’d suggest you to email or call them directly rather than wasting your time with online chat.

Direct contact makes things go at a much fast pace and you’ll get things done faster.

This came from personal experience.


iPage is evidently the most affordable web hosting out there but the great thing is that it doesn’t lack any of the features offered by the more expensive options out there. I’ve tried Hostgator, Bluehost, WpEngine and iPage as far as an affordable option is considered, iPage outranks Hostgator and Bluehost by Far.

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Real Customer Reviews

Alle’s iPage Review (Loved it)

In my experience , I’ve found iPage customer service to be pretty helpful. I knew absolutely nothing about handling the backend of my websites and their support guys helped me transfer all my files and data from my old hosting service to them.

Without them, I can imagine it would have been a nightmare and I’m sure I would have broken something or the other.

Apart from support, I find the uptime and loading time of my site to be fair enough, nothing too out of ordinary here but it works for me.

I currently have over 25 websites setup over there and all of them are pretty smooth. Even though these aren’t high traffic websites. These are basically websites I’ve setup for different small business owners in my locality and receive just 200-300 unique visitors per month.

I like the simple to use interface, a good feature for non-tech savvy gals like me…hehe

I’d put my name behind it. Go with it if you’re not looking to setup a website with thousands of pages that gets over 10,000 unique visitors per day. You might face some bandwidth issues that way.

Mayank’s iPage Review

I subscribed to iPage around 3 years ago. I was gonna use it to start a small personal blog but I ended up building a 500 page weight loss site that helps over 20,000 people get a little bit closer to their goals every single month. I do face a little downtime every 8 weeks but that is expected for the amount of traffic that I’ve been generating lately.

Getting back to the review, setting up a website is pretty easy with iPage’s Website builder but if you need something more sophisticated built-up then you should definitely get a developer to do it for you.

I don’t like their support much since their customer chat support takes forever to get anything done. Just make sure you have a developer friend or someone who knows how the technical stuff works so that you can get stuff done much fast.

Kristopher’s iPage User Review

I had faced a little bit of difficulty when I first moved to iPage from my previous hosting provider and it took me 4 hours to get it done. The problem was something related to sync issues between WordPress installation and the database. I had to get a friend to solve it for me. But apart from that, I’ve had no particular complaints about it.

I’ve been getting a lot of traffic recently and it has been running pretty smooth. I think at the price range of cheap web hosting, iPage delivers quiet well in terms of features and uptime.

I’ve stayed with them for over 3 years and have faced two 15 minute downtimes since then.

If you’re having doubts, I would definitely recommend you to go ahead if you’re starting out on a new site and are on a budget.

Deepika’s Experience with iPage

iPage Hosting has been a good deal for me. I’ve been able to handle every aspect of my business with it and I loved the website designer they offered. I never had to hire a developer to develop my website. I have hardly faced any issues.

About the user interface, it is pretty straightforward and you can easily find what you’re looking for. At $1.99/month it is a steal, I’ve never seen any other hosting provider who delivers this much value at that price. I’d give it a 93/100, since there is alway room for improvement.

All in all, a good experience.